the book theory

Once, while wandering through a local used bookstore with a friend, he commented how similar it is to finding a partner.

“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Most people only want the fresh copies, hot off the press, untouched. Thus the value placed on virginity.”
“Oh. Well, I don’t mind so much. I like finding what I’m looking for. If it’s a book I want, then it doesn’t matter if someone has written their name in it. It’s got a bit of history.”
“What about the stains? Or the turned down pages? Or underlining?”
“Sometimes the underlines are things I like too. Stains are no big deal, I eventually read through and turn the page. Are we still talking about books or people?”
“Ok. But people aren’t books. Yeah, each has their own story, and if they end up back on the market for some reason – clearing out space in their life, or passed along after a death, whatever – then it’s for someone else to find.”
“Yeah. And not everyone reads, so they could care less about books.”
“Point taken.”

We meandered on. I found a few books I liked and checked out. We then wandered to the sports bar down the street to play darts for awhile. Another thought popped into my head while we were both aiming for 19 on Cricket.

“Sure, some books are prettier to look at, but their content doesn’t always live up to the hype of the promos.” I missed the 19, yet again.
“The book theory.”
“Oh.” He tossed and hit 13. Again.
“You know. Critics will say, ‘You must read this novel!’ Sometimes it’s not that great, or I’m not in the mood for a deep thought novel. I’d rather pick up cheesy fiction.”
“And now we know why you’re single.”
“Because you over analyze the men you date as much as you analyze the books you read. And you change your mind just as often.” He hit a bull’s eye.
“Gee, Thanks.”

He may be right. He did hit a bull’s eye… But I’m trying not to over analyze that right now.

~ Aspen



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