when I dare to stand in front of a canon

This is what happened when I dare to stand in front of a Canon, I lost my head. Ha..ha..ha.
Well, I am a shy blogger, a pensive looser, a tantalizing tease, a sour schemer, a bashful predator or maybe a social boob. I’ve also updated my ‘about’ page, since I noticed yesterday’s number of hits. I am still tweaking the sidebar and trying to figure out the Flickr thing. So bear with me.

Day 2: #4 Steve Madden pumps, Simply Vera gray tights, #13 Tahari pencil skirt, #22 Talbots tops, #28 Ann Taylor cardigan

I got too many things going on yesterday, didnt have time to blog, but I did take a photo below. I am keeping-up with the rules!

Day 1: #4 Steve Madden pumps, Target black tights, #14 Adrienne Vittadini dress, #26 JCrew cardigan

Books say: she did this because. Life says: she did this. Books are where things are explained to you, life where things aren’t. ~ Julian Barne

5 thoughts on “when I dare to stand in front of a canon

  1. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for stopping by my thrifty little Goodwill blog. I’ve always shopped thrift, and no one looks down on me. I buy the best of labels . . . come on, Gucci! Awesome. Enjoy the 30 for 30. Trying to put an outfit together right now. Work to date night. Gonna be tough.


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