when I grow up, I want to …

… write an aphorism so wise, eloquent and beautifully formed that it will be quoted for years to come. There I’ll be under the Ks in Bartlett’s quotations, with just that one perfect phrase.

And there people of the 22nd century will be, washing a Jetson’s breakfast down with powdered soy milk, lazing over their ipad–dawdling between Kafka and Keats. They’ll stop and scoff in the typical 2118 ways, …Huh, who the oxygen is she? How sad, is that all she ever wro– Whoa! I… whoa!

And then they’ll read it again.

(Now all I need is to get wise.)

This is what I am wearing now.

Day 3: #4 Steve Madden pumps, #10 The Limited pants, #18 Target teal tops, #25 Tommy Hilfiger cardigan


One thought on “when I grow up, I want to …

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