my weekends

….I was rooting for the Steelers.

Day 6:
#3 Enzo Angiolini mustard kitten heels – thrifted
#7 Calvin Klein skinny jeans – Marshalls
#17 Old Navy stripey long sleeves
#18 Target teal long sleeves
Jones NY scarf – Marshalls

Day 5:
#1 Michael Kors brown boots – thrifted
#9 Ann Loft cords – thrifted
Banana Republic brown belt – thrifted
#19 Old Navy peach long sleeves
Old Navy scarf

My friend Vicki and I were at the bookstore yesterday when a man approached us.

“Ma’am, will you go out with me?”. Vicki and I looked at each other. And Vicki replied, “Do you want the long answer or the short answer?”

“Well, what’s the short answer?”

“The short answer is no.”

“I’m awfully sorry to hear that. Just out of historical curiosity, what was the long answer?”

“Oh dear sweet merciful jesus in heaven, no.”

a penny for your thoughts

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