Day 11, my thrift finds

My favorite and gorgeous blogger Kris is hosting a Fashionable Thrift Friday. Like her, I love the serendipity of thrifting. I think it is an ethical threefer ie. you are reclaiming capitalist waste–someone else already pay for the depreciation value–and you are spending money at worthy nonprofits instead of corporations. Furthermore you frees up your own resources and increase your personal capital. Total cost of my outfit today is $21.00, how awesome is that?

Day 11:
#2 Style&Co booties – thrifted, $3.99
#8 Levi’s jeans – thrifted, $5.99
#23 Ann Loft blouse – thrifted, $4.49
#26 JCrew cardigan – thrifted, $4.49
Belt – thrifted, $1.99

3 thoughts on “Day 11, my thrift finds

  1. Love this outfit! I often keep pictures of outfits that are prefectly placed, so this is going into my arcives! I print them out and hope to find similar treasures!

    your blog is great! I just found it!


  2. Your opening paragraph is beautiful and right on point. We totally sound like radicals — love it! Absolutely stunning outfit and look at the labels. Retail prices wold have been very high. Thank you for linking up. I keep telling people I’m on a mission to change the thought process of women and men. There’s simply too much goodness cast aside for the new and so-called improved. You made my day!


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