Day 18 – JCrew cardigan

I really wanted a JCrew cardigan when it was a craze early last year, but there is no way I’d pay $40 even at their factory outlet. I figured I’ll settle for an Old Navy or Target cardigans. And on one fine day, I found not one but three perfect JCrew cardigans at my local Goodwill. Hallelujah!!! Praise the Lord!!
Stylish thrifting truly takes time, energy, and the ability to wait for that perfect thing. These days I am wishing to stumble upon a vintage Burberry trench coat. Did you hear that God? Burberry …Burberry …Burrberry

Day 18 details:
#2 Style&Co booties – thrifted $3.99
#11 Zara pleated skirt – thrifted $3.99
#24 JCrew cardigan as blouse – thrifted $3.59
Pashmina – bought in Dubai years ago
Ralph Lauren pink belt – thrifted $1.99
Bracelets – thrifted $1.00 each
Guess watch – thrifted at pawn shop $10.00

Linking up to Kris’s Fabulously Thrift & Fashionable Friday. I am so inspired by her.

3 thoughts on “Day 18 – JCrew cardigan

  1. Amazing post . . . so funny. Your outfit is beautiful! J Crew, Banana Rep are some of my most common finds. I’ve had to pass up some great sweaters this year because of my budget. Thanks for linking up. YOU INSPIRE ME!


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