Day 28 – to brag little, to show well

I’ve lucked into some great designer shoes at thrift stores. With names like Michael Kors, Escada, Cole Haan, BCBG, Tahari, Coach and Dansko, these finds have earned me some serious bragging rights. I can’t really brag to my coworkers who are mostly men (wearing jeans and polo shirts, everyday) and dont give a hoot of what I wear. My sister and even my boyfriend don’t really grasp of my ‘peculiar‘ thrifting hobby. ‘Peculiar‘ according to them, but they do compliments my style. I’d rave, “you know where I found this?”, and in sync both of them replied, “Goodwill!”. Anyway I am delighted I have a venue to show off my thrift finds, i.e at the Thrift Share Monday.

I am excited, two more days I am done with this 30×30 challenge. I really could do some thrifting therapy now.

Day 28 details:
#1 Michael Kors boots – Salv.Army thrifted $3.99
#15 Just Taylor dress – Ross $15.99
#29 Forever 21 cardigan – Goodwill thrifted $3.59
Kenneth Cole belt – Goodwill thrifted $1.99

Quotes of the day:

To brag little, to show well and to crow gently, if in luck — to pay up, to own up, and to shut up, if beaten, are the virtues of a sporting man.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

One thought on “Day 28 – to brag little, to show well

  1. Come talk to me!! We can compare our best designer finds. When someone says, why would you shop there when you don’t “have” to. I say, I WANT to! Do you see the Ferragamo boots I’m wearing?!


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