Day 29 – almost, almost done

It is day 29. Phew …almost, almost done. I do not know how other bloggers did it, but I get dress everyday even on weekends. Sometimes it is not that impeccable or worthy of posting, just jeans and long sleeves, but hey that’s the real me. Of course it is more comfortable to shuffle around the house in sweat pants, robes and soft, comfy slippers all day long. Besides, I am so anxious to go thrifting.

Linking up to Kileen’s Color Brigade.

Day 29 details:
#2 Style&Co booties – thrifted
#13 Tahari wool skirt – thrifted
#22 Talbots ruffles top – thrifted
#26 JCrew cardigan – thrifted
Guess watch – thrifted
Sterling silver lotus earrings – Kohls

2 thoughts on “Day 29 – almost, almost done

  1. i’m loving that orange pencil skirt and you have such amazing thrifting luck! and those earrings are so super pretty. good job on closing in on the 30×30 challenge!


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