your longest moments

Waiting ..

1. for 30×30 challenge to end (that was around day 20 or 21)
2. for water to boil when you’re carved out and cranky with hunger
3. for your (is it maxed-out? Do I have any cash? Oh God, am I going to have to put everything back?) credit card to be approved at the check-out
4. for the doctor with nothing but car magazines & supermarket flyers for reading material
5. for the uninspired sermon to end
6. for your plane to board
7. ..when your best friend, the one who talks non-stop, doesn’t even pause for air, filling a good 1 1/2 hours with the sound of her own staccato vocalizing, in the process stringing one unrelated topic to another, while you sit mutely having given up on edging a word in, after politely returning the gesture, “I’m fine, how are you?”…
8. for restroom to be available at movie theater on Saturday night when there’s a long queue and you really, really need to go
9. for that call to come after the second interview for the job you really, really want…

Your turn, what and when is your longest moments in life?

Now that I have access to my closet, I am celebrating my dresses and boots.  Below is my outfit today.

Tahari boots – Goodwill thrifted $3.99
BCBG dress – Consignment store $10.50
Teal tights & cami – Kohls
Anne Klein watch – yard sale $1.00
Tommy Hilfiger leather necklace – Rugged Wearhouse

Linking to up to Kris’s Fabulously Thrift & Fashionable Friday. She is very sweet, you know!

3 thoughts on “your longest moments

  1. I’m actually avoiding a potential “longest moment of my life” . . . a trip to the DMV. My vehicle’s registration tag was stolen. Steal my gas, but for goodness sake, not my tags! The lines at the DMV are torture.

    Love your beautiful outfit. And cheers to you for completing the 30 for 30!


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