red and blue

After challenging myself in the 30×30 remix, my goal this spring (evidently my spring starts in early March) is to wear every item in my closet, no repeats except shoes. I am constantly editing and purging my closet. I thrift every week, (ok ok twice a week, ..or maybe thrice) so I always have something new-to-me item, which means space is critical. Ninety five percent of my wardrobe is thrifted. The few that I purchase brand new are undergarments, running shoes and layering tees. But these days I can find brand new Target tees at Goodwill. Isnt that awesome?

Today’s inspiration is this punchy, at the same time classic–a combination of red and blue by Thakoon.

thakoon fall 2010


And my spin on Thakoon’s look and only cost me $19.95:

Steve Madden boots – Goodwill thrifted $3.99
Calvin Klein sheath dress – Goodwill thrifted $7.99
Forever 21 cardigan – Goodwill thrifted $3.59
Coach handbag – Goodwill thrifted $2.79
Skinny belt – Goodwill $1.59

My red and blue style coordinates well with this thrifted authentic Coach handbag. Found it in excellent condition at a Goodwill handbag bin, while the smaller purse is from another Goodwill outlet. I used it to store my small camera, the Canon Powershot SD1300 which I bought for $25 through Craigslist. I know I am so cheapskate! …’Cheapskate’, what connotation comes to your mind, negative or positive?

Linking up with fellow thrifters at the Thrift Share Monday and Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “red and blue

  1. I didn’t realize the magnitude of your love for thrift. 95% is awesome! I’m hoping to catch up to you. Ignoring fashion over the past couple years was really detrimental to my wardrobe volume. This look is fabulous. I love being inspired by the runway and then thrifting the look. I’m so glad you will be thrifting a look with me in March. I’m inspired by your talent.


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