science of creativity

Have you ever embellished your past in order to be accepted? There is a science to that creativity.

In Hydrangea House, perhaps she would tell the owners about her grandmother and her mother, the two women in her life whose blind passions had sustained them through the blows of fate, but even as she imagined that she knew she wouldnt. There was no way to leave herself out of their battle stories and she knew that in all stories she must be left out–the life she had made for herself was a life of flight, of discarding the inessential and the essential alike, making use of the stolen pieces and memories, retreating to the lost moments of other people’s lives.

~ Yiyun Li, The Science of Flight, The New Yorker

I adopt that science of creativity in thrfiting.

Thrifted ensemble details:
Nine West heels
H&M pencil skirt
Ann Loft tank
JCrew cardigan
Black skinny belt and red bangles

a penny for your thoughts

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