what do you see

One English poet opined, “Love comes unseen, we only see it go.” And I wonder  what else do you see that I dont see?

I notice colors and patterns in nature. Geometric shapes of a pinecone with Fibonacci sequence, the clockwise and counter-clockwise spirals of florets on daisy flower, and stripes on a zebra, is that a black on white or white on black? I also notice that an apple-green color handbag looks stunning if you are wearing a long-black wool winter jacket and black high heels.

As a design engineer I look at the physical urban form, buildings, infrastructure, and automobiles. How they were ergonomically designed to cater human needs and local environments. And how amazingly skilled and ingenious we are as a species to create all these modern marvels.

I notice books that people read at cafes, airports, or in a train.

I notice how much this society is becoming focused, visually or aurally on mobile phones.

I notice it when strangers behave politely to each other–when someone holding a door or elevator for you, a small ‘thank-you’ wave when driving, or sharing a smile at something amusing.

I notice the pink, maroon and and brown of cherry blossom tree in front of my house.

Your turn, what do you notice that other people dont …or probably ignore?

I am all geared up to celebrate the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC which officially begins tomorrow.

Thrifted ensemble details:
Cole Haan boots – $3.99
Calvin Klein jersey dress – $6.99
Lafayette 148 cardigan – $3.59
Skinny belt & brass bangles – $1.99 each
Tights & necklace – purchased at Kohls

Linking up to Kris’s Fabulously Thrift & Fashionable Friday and Kileen’s Color Brigade.

3 thoughts on “what do you see

  1. Your posts are so creative and fascinating to me. Beautiful out – especially the colors. I’ve been on a shopping hiatus and really haven’t felt like dressing up, but I’m hoping to snap out of it soon. Thanks for being consistent with your blogging. I enjoy tuning in daily. kris


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