DVF inspired colors

You already know that the trend for 2011 is color blocking. These days the goal of my thrift hunt is looking for bright colors, and I would only settle for pure cashmere, silk, wool or cotton. I know I am such a snob, Goodwill has spoiled me. We are shaped and fashioned by what we love, so wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

So, my March Thrift Madness challenge’s inspiration comes from Diane Von Furstenberg Pre-Fall 2011 collection.

And this is my spin on DVF’s look. …Somehow the muted blue Banana Republic jacket doesnt translate as well as I hope.

I switched to a more vibrant and softer cardigan and I like it better.

Thrifted outfit details:
Steve Madden boots – $3.99
BCBG silk skirt – $3.99
Banana Republic silk cardigan – $4.49
Gap t-shirt – $3.59

Linking up to the lovely Kris’s Thrifty LA Life and Kileen’s Color Brigade.

6 thoughts on “DVF inspired colors

  1. I love the colors in both outfits. I really like how the jacket makes it more casual and the sweater is dressier but punchier. You did a wonderful job!


  2. What a wonderful inspiration – DVF. I had selected a DVF photo from the same line, but it was the chocolate brown ensemble. I love the incorporation of the jacket and your mild dissatisfaction, and then the alternate choice of the cardigan. Shows us that we’re all learning and trying to make thoughtful choices. Your stye is so elegant. Your thrifting talent and eye for fashion is without a doubt exceptional. What shall we do for April? I need some inspiration. Thanks for joining me in this thrifting journey.


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