why do i see what i see

I asked ‘what do you see‘ in a previous post. A passage from What Darwin Got Wrong by Jerry Fodor perhaps could enlighten us on how, why and what do we choose. I am thinking in regards to our daily sartorial choices.

..mental phenomena are explained by reference to their relations to other mental phenomena. Here again there is a plethora of likely examples: how one believes things to be depends on how things appear to one to be (and/or on what other things one believes); what one does depends on what one decides to do, and what one decides to do depends on what one wants and what one believes; what one attends to depends on what one’s interest are; what one sees depends (often enough) on what one expects to see; what one expects to see depends (often enough) on one’s prior beliefs; and so forth.

Today I saw daisies in black and white.

Goodwill thrifted ensemble details:
Enzo Angiolini heels $3.99
Sangria skirt $3.99
Ann Loft top $3.59
Ann Loft cardi $3.59
Skinny belt $1.99
Liz Claiborne bracelet $2.00
Guess watch for $10.00, purchased at pawn shop.

One thought on “why do i see what i see

a penny for your thoughts

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