yes i do

Adapted from Lois Wyse’s book For the Very Married:

“Do you love me?” he asked this morning.
And I said, “Yes”
You said, “No you dont”
And I said, “But yes I do.”

But what I really said within my heart was,
“love him?”
Do I love him?
In an exotic, quixotic way
I love him.
I love him because
I can walk with him,
And he talks to me about the things I like to talk about.
And he says funny things to me and calls me ‘short’,
and sometimes he thinks they’re so funny
he says them twice.
And I know him better than
any woman has any right to know a man.
And with all that I find
just when I think I know him best,
I know him not at all.
And all I really want is a chance to know him better,
and that takes time.
And I would like to take all the time given me
to know him better
which is the real reason
I cannot bear to be away from him.

Ensemble details:
Naturalizer purple heels – Goodwill $3.99
AA Studio dress – Ross clearance $9.98
Valerie Stevens cashmere cardi – Goodwill $3.59
Monet bracelet – Goodwill $2.99
Pearl sterling silver necklace & Chaps bracelet – Kohls clearance


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