luck & Nanette Lepore

Advice to my 16 yr old niece on love and life in the grand scheme of things:

Oh yes some do “lead charmed lives”. They have “all the luck” we say. We’ll admit that they were in the right place at the right time, but what we often overlook, or forget or refuse to face is that some people have an instinct for finding the right place–and can even drive there in their own cars. Which is not to say that absolutely everything that happens, good or bad is within your control. Nor is it guaranteed that attempts to make your own luck will always succeed.
But I cant help thinking that luck is less mystical than its definition in Merriam-Webster:”a force that brings good fortune or adversity”.
Let the force be within you, so said ObiWanKenobi. To that I’d add, let luck borrow from its cousin, pluck.
There’s no question about it: making your own luck requires commitment and concentration. It takes drive and dedication–first to identify your goal and then to map out the likeliest routes to it. But once you’ve drawn the map, there’s one thing you can see clearly: that the trip may be long, and you may have to pass through some tough neighborhoods along the way. And another thing: No matter how hard you try, how well you plan, there’s a chance you may never arrive.
So as you reconsider your “luck” think about just how lucky you want to be. Maybe you’ll find that the goal you thought you lusted after isnt worth the networking, the flattery, the lost weekends. You might discover you’d be happier with a little less “luck”. But before you decide, get a good look at the lay of the land. Then figure out whether you want to get there from here.

No one gave me any advice when I was 16, but I feel young and flirty in this Nanette Lepore skirt today.

Goodwill thrifted ensemble details:
Apt 9 heels – $3.99
Nanette Lepore skirt – $3.99
JCrew cardigan – $3.59
Banana Republic tank – found new w/tags $3.59
Skinny red belt – $1.99
Bangles – Burlington Coat Factory

Linking up to Thrift Share Monday.

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