book sales

My library is having a book sales since last Saturday. I skipped my lunch break and left work early yesterday, just to attend the few last day of the sales. I was eyeing for an Andrew Wyeth or Frank Lloyd Wright books, as I saw during the preview. Unfortunately none left, but I am happy with what I found. I’ve been collecting old wildlife or plant or nature books. Old, as in printed in the 1960s or 1970s when every images in the books were hand drawn. You just have to appreciate the talent, time, energy and effort taken to draw each image.
For $5 a box, I got five old gardening books, four John Le Carre hardbacks, three anthologies of short fiction, Emily Post book of etiquette and a few other paperback novels. I got home starving and quickly fixed myself some Ramen noodles. I have to thank the inventor of Ramen noodles, truly it was created for those who blow their lunch budget on book sales.

I was wearing this outfit while kneeling, scavenging and waddling a box of books.

Goodwill thrifted ensemble details:
Kenneth Cole heels – $3.99
Ann Loft dress – $6.99
Gap cardigan – Salvation Army – $1.50
Skinny red belt – $1.99
Anne Klein watch & Trifari necklace – $2.99 each
Vintage Bulova – gifted

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