they say I have

I had four days off for the Easter weekend, ..well part of it was spent attending my allergies. Sorry for the TMI in the previous post. I supposed once awhile the body needs a break doing absolutely nothing.
I did brave the world of male-pollens on Saturday for some grocery shopping and of course I had to stop by at my Goodwill.

Inspired by the above Zara April Lookbook, I wore this outfit.      …Oh please excuse my deck.

Ensemble details:
Tahari flats – $3.99
JCrew jeans – $5.99
Banana Republic tank – $3.59
Alberto Makali light sweater – Salvation Army $3.50

I wanted to show the abstract print of this Alberto Makali light sweater hoodie.

I’ll end with an American cartoonist, Shel Silverstein poem.

~ They say I have … ~
They say I have my father’s nose,
My grandpa’s eyes,
My mother’s hair.
Could it be that my behind’s
The only thing that’s really mine?

Linking up to Thrift Share Monday.

One thought on “they say I have

  1. Great poem and the green pants are fantastic. You’re so good at wearing color. And, PS – I had (notice the past tense) my father’s nose. The miracle of plastic surgery. ; )


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