pleasing in perception

Continuing my obsession with Zara Lookbook, today’s outfit is another recreation.

ZaraApr 5

I deliberately chose the off-white tank instead of yellow. I wanted to highlight the asparagus green jeans and the honeysuckle cardi. I think the palette is just pleasing to the eyes.

John Dewey wrote in his famous book, Art as Experience:

Suppose … that a finely wrought object, one whose texture and proportions are highly pleasing in perception, has been believed to be the product of some primitive people. Then there is discovered evidence that proves it to be an accidental natural product. As an external thing, it is now precisely what it was before. Yet at once it ceases to be a work of art and becomes a natural ‘curiosity.’ It now belongs in a museum of natural history, not in a museum of art. And the extraordinary thing is that the difference that is thus made is not one of just intellectual classification. A difference is made in appreciative perception and in a direct way. The esthetic experience — in its limited sense — is thus seen to be inherently connected with the experience of making.


Goodwill thrifted ensemble details:
BCBG heels – $3.99
JCrew jeans – $5.99
Banana Republic tank – $3.59
JCrew cardigan – $3.59
Guess & Fossil watches – $2.99 each
Scrabble pendant – Etsy


a penny for your thoughts

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