undelivered mail

I had this dress pressed for Easter but I was so stuffed up with allergies that Sunday and didnt go out at all. I own like a little more than 100 dresses, those are the ones that currently hung and folded in my closet. And a dozen more is kept in a box marked ‘waiting to be altered’. Usually as I chopped or hemmed or altered one dress, I thrifted another one that needs to be fixed. More than 100 dresses! I was thinking I could wear one for each day in summer. I wonder how much is too much? Oh Goodwill, why cant I quit you?

Dear Goodwill
In order to curb my primitive thirst for acquisition,
could you please hike up your pricing.

may02Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Colin Stuart/Victoria Secret heels – $3.99
Vintage Oscar de la Renta dress – $7.99
BCBG cardigan – $3.59
Mossimo white belt – $1.59
Sterling silver pearl necklace & Chaps bangles – Kohl’s celarance

That is one mail that will never be signed or sealed or delivered. I’ll leave you with more undelivered mail by Rhina P. Espaillat from Playing at Stillness.

~Undelivered Mail~

Dear Daughter,
Your father and I wish to commend you
on the wisdom of your choices
and the flawless conduct of your life

Dear Poet!
Where is the full-length manuscript
you promised us? Your check is waiting
The presses are ready
and the bookstores are clamoring for delivery

This convention is tedious
beyond belief: the hotel is swarming
with disgustingly overexposed women
far too young to have dignity
or any minds at all

Dear Patient:
The results of your blood tests reveal
that your problem stems from
a diet dangerously low
in pizza and chocolate

Dear Mom,
You were right about everything
and I was an idiot not to listen

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2 thoughts on “undelivered mail

  1. Speaking of gorgeous shoes, that Victoria pair is stunning! I’m forever a sucker for blue! I also adore the dash of poetry you add to each post!
    -Charmstruck ❤


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