I blame it on the weather

In a journal it is important in a few words to describe the weather, or characters of the day, as it affects our feelings. That which was so important at the time cannot be unimportant to remember.

~ A Poet’s Prose: Selected Writings of Louise Bogan

So here goes, it was chilly yesterday, temperature was in high fifties. The frilly frock that I plan to wear will just have to wait for another day.
Let me introduce you to my newly thrifted Max Mara midi skirt. She was abandoned at the Salvation Army. Being a frugal shopper and a label whore, I just had to rescue her and give her a second life. It is quite a challenge to style a midi without looking stumpy or dowdy. And yet when all the cute young colorful tights are packed away for the season, Ms MM midi skirt is such a savior especially when she is paired with the voguish Ms SM tall boots. “MM please meet SM, …SM this is MM.”

“Whore”, “S & M” … what am I thinking today? …I swear I am not like that! 🙂

Outfit details:
Steve Madden boots – Salvation Army $3.99
Max Mara midi skirt – Salvation Army $3.50
Nicole Miller cardigan – GW $3.59
JCrew tank – GW $1.59
Anne Klein watch – GW $2.99
Guess necklace & bangles – Burlington clearance

Linking up to the fabulous Kris of A Thrifty LA Life.

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