the one about self-discovery

It was early morning when something awakened her. At first she lay motionless, her mind still dreaming and fuzzy, her eyes closed. And then the thing crept through, separating the soft layers of sleep, poking through her consciousness. The thought formed clearly radiantly: she’ll be turning 39 next year.

Her life has been a grand adventure with little structure. She let circumstances happen, gave in to pure abandon, allowed for abbreviated pleasures, gave into sweet addiction and refused to listen to confusion. But that was then, it was another time, another place and another different sun warmed the world. She decided to take time out some procedure. She needs distance for protection, multi-moments of recollection, live and breathe in her mind.

Starting over can be good, she thought even if it hurts. It’s like springtime–when there are still a few of winter’s jagged edges left unmelted, but there is the promise of summer, too. The thought made her smile.

And so she travels in the fullness of her life, which can never lessen, can only grow as the wonder unfolds before her.

If you are passionate, she’ll be fascinating.
If you have a streak of eccentricity, she’ll be crazy.
If you are playful she’ll give you inspiration.
If you are tender, she’ll be romantic.
If you are her master, she’ll be a diabolic angel.

She is hopeful ‘thou shalt not’ will be forgotten, and embarking on a new chapter of  her ‘once upon a time’.

may9thThrifted outfit details:
BCBG mary-janes – GW $3.99
Boden dress – Salvation Army $4.99
Guess & Fossil watches – GW $2.99 each
Turquoise pendant – Ebay
Silver bangle – GW $2.99


Linking up to Thrift Share Monday.

3 thoughts on “the one about self-discovery

    1. Hi Cindy, thanks for reading my blog. I know the 100 dresses boggles and at the same time worries me too. But I am proud to say I havent purchased retail since last October, and that was because I had to use up the Kohl’s gift card. My closet is 90% thrifted.
      Cindy, do stop by again.


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