unsung heroes

I’ve learned that: goodbyes will always hurt, pictures can never replace being there, memories forget the hard times, words can never replace feelings, and heroes often go unsung. So today I am making a list of the unsung heroes that I’ve met.

1. That teacher you’ll never forget, the one who went above and beyond the curriculum, and who listened – though you were only eight
2. The policeman who changed your tire that night in the rain (while you sat in the front seat of his cruiser, ashamed at how the latest installment of your helpless woman routine had turned out)
3. The nurse who stays on past the end of her shift to help a patient through the night
4. The bus driver who waits for people chasing the bus.
5. Young people who give their seats to the old and the tired.
6. People who make maps or invent GPS
7. People who compile dictionaries
8. People who get excited about things that I barely notice or brush away, like bugs or bottle caps
9. People who take the time to send you a line of sweetness
10. Sentimental fools…

Who’s on your list?

On a style diary note, I wore these yesterday.

may11thGoodwill thrifted outfit details:
Naturalizer heels – $3.99
Laura Ashley sheath dress- $6.99
Martin + Osa cardigan – $3.59
Aquascutum & Ungaro ties sewn & turned into obi belt – $0.75 each
Anne Klein watch – $2.99
Chaps, Trifari, Monet bracelet – Kohls clearance


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