how time flies

If there was a time when nothing existed, then there must have been a time before that — when even nothing did not exist. Suddenly, when nothing came into existence, could one really say whether it belonged to the category of existence or of non-existence?
~ Chuang-Tzu

My forty-eight hour weekend flies so quickly, probably at the speed of Mach 10. There are just so many things to do. There is vacuuming, cleaning, grocery shopping, thrifting, laundry, ironing, sewing (hemming and altering my thrift finds), catching up on my reading and spending time with loved ones.
Once upon a time, when there was no time, did people have more time when time did not exist? Did families have more time to talk and laugh and play? Did friendships grow and flourish over time without the hurry?
Just what was life about before time took away our time? Time and time again, I’ve wondered at the thought …how would we cope, what would we do if the hands that told the time became time upon our hands?


Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Ralph Lauren slingbacks – $3.99
Burberry denim skirt- $3.99
MNG top – $3.59
Silver cat bracelet – $2.99


Linking up to Thrift Share Monday.

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