uneasy virtue

Why is modesty a virtue? Classically, to be virtuous is to be wise, thoughtful, and prudent. But modesty seems to depend on ignorance.

Julia Driver in her book Uneasy Virtue writes, “For a person to be modest, she must be ignorant with regard to her self-worth. She must think herself less deserving, or less worthy, than she actually is. … Since modesty is generally considered to be a virtue, it would seem that this virtue rests upon an epistemic defect.”

As Sherlock Holmes says, “To underestimate one’s self is as much a departure from truth as to exaggerate one’s own powers.”

via Futility Closet

may18thGoodwill thrifted outfit details:
BCBG heels – $3.99
AA studio dress – Ross clearance $11.99
Ann Loft cardigan – $3.59
Silver skinny belt – $1.59
Silver bangle & necklace – $2.99 each

2 thoughts on “uneasy virtue

  1. I love your blog and your style. Very inspirational for a hardcore thrifter like me. Thank you and please, keep posting!


    1. Thanks Terry. Appreciate it very much for reading my blog. It feels great that I inspired someone when I am just cataloging my thrift finds. You’ve made my day!


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