a dose of medicine

Yesterday I was informed that the position that I applied and did everything right, was given to someone else. What a bummer. I was miffed the whole day.

American Modernist poet and writer noted for her irony and wit, Marianne Moore wrote:

Those who have seemed to know most about eternity feel that this side of eternity is a small part of life. We are told, if we do wrong that grace may abound, it does not abound. We need not be told that life is never going to be free from trouble and that there are no substitutes for the dead; but it is a fact as well as a mystery that weakness is power, that handicap is proficiency, that the scar is a credential, that indignation is no adversary for gratitude, or heroism for joy. There are medicines.

On a style diary note, I love yesterday’s outfit.

may19thGoodwill thrifted outfit details:
Tahari heels – $3.99
Laundry Shelli Shegal dress – $6.99
BCBG jacket – $5.99
Skinny belt – $1.59
Various bangles – Plato’s Closet & Kohls

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