Tell me what could be more casual than a white tee. Sorry boss, but isn’t today a half day? …And so I left work early and was greeted by a thunderstorm the moment I reached my driveway.

When we were young, we were afraid of thunder, lightning, dark rooms, the shifting shadows of wind swaying branches, the creak on the stairs, spiders, snakes (especially water), anything slimy, things under rocks, bees, basements, that fat kid down the street, being abandoned, monsters in closets and under the bed, swamps, getting caught, deep woods, the dentist, not being chosen, the neighbor’s dog, singing alone in front of the class…

Now that we grow older we fear only poverty, sickness, cruel government, rampant ignorance and loneliness.

And snakes.

So what is your fear?

Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Nine West heels – $3.99
H&M skirt – $3.99
Tahari tee – $3.59
Belt – $1.59
Sterling silver Nine West watch – $2.99
Sterling silver turquoise pendant – Ebay
Assorted beads bracelets

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