how to modernize a 1980 dress

A few weeks ago I came across this 1980s Liz Claiborne dress at the Goodwill Outlet. I was drawn to the brilliant blue, the full skirt and the art silk material, which is actually a 100% rayon. It is my size, just old style but I saw the potential.

Old Navy flats – $2.50
Vintage Liz Claiborne dress – $1.39/lb
Gap belt – $1.39/lb
[All were thrifted at Goodwill Outlet where clothing are sold by the weight.]

Unlike the previous Fix-It-Yourself (FIY) dress, this time around I took some photos to demonstrate the execution:

Step 1: I chopped off the dress to knee length. I saved the remnant for armhole facing.

Step 2: I removed the sleeves and narrowed the shoulder.



Step 3: I shortened the top by bringing up the waist, hemmed the dress and sewed the armhole facing.



Step 4: Ironed and wore it. …See how easy that was and I love how it turned out.

june3-afterGoodwill thrifted outfit details:
Nine West mary-janes – $3.99
Vintage Liz Claiborne dress – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Mossimo belt – $1.59
Assorted silver bangles

I’ll leave you with words of Franz Kafka:

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

3 thoughts on “how to modernize a 1980 dress

  1. You did a really nice job modernizing that dress. The prices are unbeatable. ! I’d love to get a sewing machine and start learning.


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