countless melodies

Excerpts from The River of Life and Our Flowering World, by Rutherford Platt:

If you will come with me early on a spring morning to the willow at the foot of my hill, I will show you an exciting animal. Somewhere in the vastness of the outdoors a beehive is hidden deep in the shadows of the night. At the moment the first rays of sunshine brush the hive, the hugging, sticky population heaves with a low, rumbling buzz.

This is the time and place, if you are in the mood, to see events that weave the fanciful fabric of life over land and sea. Every square inch of the landscape is filled with life, which dwells in a soft, gently responsive substance in a multitude of forms. Each is ready to absorb its portion of this day’s energy coming in from across sky space – at eleven million miles per minute.

The night shadows still lingering in low places are melting away, and the day shadows are shortening in unison. Then, in concert with the melting shadows, twenty-day old bees are roused to go out and search spring jungles for the sun energy stored in pollen and nectar. A flower makes no nectar for use directly in its own life but only to present the nectar to a bee at the proper time and place.

If you will explore this world with me, we shall discover that it is stranger than Alice’s Wonderland and at the same time has a mysterious rhythm. Out of the dynamic spirals of life arise countless melodies. And each melody is unique. One is never exactly repeated all through the ages because the combinations of the rhythms of the air and oceans are infinite.

Every living event occurs at just the right time to make ready for the next event and often, as with the bee and the willow tassel, for one individual to meet another precisely at a time and place.


Every living event occurs at just the right time to make ready for the next event …, I keep repeating that line and reminding myself.



Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Ann Taylor sandals – $3.99
Kenneth Cole dress – $6.99
Red patent belt – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Assorted silver bangles – Burlington clearance
Sterling silver jade pendant – Rugged Warehouse

Linking up to Kileen’s Color Brigade.

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