i dont know how to behave

In Warm Canto, Ron Slate wrote:

I don’t know how to behave
in the face of ultimate things.
It’s the kind of ignorance that creates
A sound, like a blind prehistoric fish
That hums to the passing of an ocean storm.


It has been three days, my cat is missing. I miss her terribly. I miss her cheerful meows greeting me every day the moment I walk in. I miss her admirable gaze on me while I dress up every morning. I miss her bemused stare as I brush my teeth and she sat by the bathroom sink. Every corner of the house reminds me of her. Most of all I am worried she is stuck outside without water as another heat wave is expected for the next few days. I pray that she will saunter out at some point.


Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Tahari heels – $3.99
American Living dress – $6.99
Banana Republic belt – $1.59
Assorted silver bangles – Goodwill & Salvation Army
Sterling silver cat pendant – Kohl’s clearance

7 thoughts on “i dont know how to behave

  1. More positive thoughts re: your kitty. I know how hard it is when one goes missing. Hope she turns up soon.


  2. Hope she finds her way back home.

    The dress is just beautiful..Complements your skintone!!
    And so is the brown kenneth cole dress in below post.


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