my cat, Selina

Yesterday the neighbor across the street informed me about a dead cat that he discovered last Sunday morning. According to him, the cat was ran over by a car that early morning and he buried the dead cat at his in-laws. My boyfriend doesn’t believe the neighbor’s inaccurate account. He doesn’t trust that neighbor. The time line, the proximity, it was possible that was my cat. Yet somehow the physical description given was kind of shoddy. I do not know what to believe, my boyfriend have lived in this neighborhood longer than I am, so he knows his neighbors well. I am just too devastated to probe further. I have cried, sat and slept at Selina’s favorite chair.

I wonder how much do we really know ourselves when we are seized by emotion and we become such different people that we don’t recognize ourselves in those things.

Oh Selina, you were supposed to have 9 lives. Mommy misses you!



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