in the cloth of a dress & the pet which she owned

I’ll allude to the passage from Telegrams of the soul:selected prose of Peter Altenberg:

For a long time now I’ve judged people only according to minute details. I am, alas, unable to await the ‘great events’ in their life through which they will ‘disclose’ their true selves. I am obliged to predict these ‘disclosures’ in the little things of life. For instance, in the walking stick handle, the umbrella handle which he or she selects. In the necktie, in the cloth of a dress, in the hat, in the dog which he or she owns, in a thousand unlikely incidentals all the way down to the cufflinks, actually all the way up! For everything is an essay about the person who selected it and gladly dons it!
Little things kill! Fulfillment can always be defeated, but never anticipation! Therefore I hold fast to the little things in life, to neckties, umbrella handles, walking stick handles, stray remarks, neglected gems, pearls of the soul that roll under the table and are picked up by no one! The significant things in life have absolutely no importance.

I am still not over the loss of my cat. In an effort to cheer me up, my boyfriend took me out for a dinner date. We seldom go out in the evening, not that we are anti-social, we just don’t like crowds. I wore a lace tank and chose the second look–the flared mini-length skirt with leather hip-belt … projecting a 1965 vibe.

The 1st look with Kenneth Cole black belt.


The 2nd look with Cole Haan oversized belt.

Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Ann Taylor heels – $3.99
Banana Republic skirt – $3.99
Tahari lace tank – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Kenneth Cole belt – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Cole Haan oversized belt – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Purple stone cocktail ring – $2.99
Assorted amethyst bead bracelets – self made
Sterling silver cat pendant – Kohls clearance



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4 thoughts on “in the cloth of a dress & the pet which she owned

  1. What a difference in the 2 looks! 2nd is very hip and slimming. 1st is almost matronly compared to the 2nd.


  2. Cole Haan belt is amazing. Changes the whole look — gives it a bit of edge. Sorry about your kitty. Hope she comes home soon.


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