30×30 remix spring edition

I am participating again in Kendi’s 30×30 remix which begins today. Owning a plethora of clothes, I do need to curb my spending. Yet with super low Goodwill prices, how could I resist. But I promise I will abstain from thrifting more clothes in the coming four weeks. So here goes, twenty nine front-runners for the 30×30 remix spring edition.

30x30 springclothes
Twenty one pieces of clothing (4 dresses, 7 skirts, 9 tops & 1 jacket) with one wild card item. I couldn’t decide on the last item between a little black dress and a cardigan or a pair of jeans.

30x30 springshoes
Eight pairs of shoes, you see I want to step forward with the right ‘note’.


Day 1 :

Outfit details:
Anne Klein sandals – Goodwill $3.99
Calvin Klein dress – Ross clearance
Tahari jacket – Goodwill $4.99
White House Black Market necklace – Salvation Army $2.00
Bracelet – Kohl’s clearance

A few lines in The Irrelevant English Teacher by J.Mitchell Morse distill the essence of this challenge. Substitute “write” for “dress”:

Style is a matter of intellectual self-respect. To write well, a certain moral courage is essential. A certain insouciance.

Linking up to Kileen’s Color Brigade.

3 thoughts on “30×30 remix spring edition

  1. Just realized this… you must be meticulously maintaining a long list of clothes + prices somewhere!! WOW!!

    Can’t wait to see the 30×30 creations. Lovely combo!!


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