in the chorus

In On Not Being Good Enough: Writings of a Working Critic by Roger Sale:

Having long ago decided that life is not simply a matter of despairing and gloomy occasions, I do not feel moved to decide to live in a world of instances of hope and synergetic pattern either…One can admire them, and live at the heart of empire too, and yet not necessarily want to join in the chorus.

But hey, I am in Day 2 of the 30×30 chorus:

Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Tahari heels – $3.99
H&M pencil skirt – $3.99
H&M chambray shirt – $3.59
Coach belt – $1.59
Necklace and bangles – Kohl’s clearance

2 thoughts on “in the chorus

  1. Hi fellow remixer! Just dropping in to say good luck on your 30 for 30 🙂 It looks like your shopping style is right up my alley — I love a good thrifted deal!


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