the very pink of perfection

There’s a trick a mind plays when you look in a mirror. In a way self-fulfilling prophecy is at play, because you want to see what you expect to see. While snapshots are completely different. The moment has gone, the fashion crime has been committed, you cant fix or change it. Example, my Day 3 outfit, when I looked at the snapshots, I didn’t like it. I guess a tucked-in shirt doesn’t agree with the A-line skirt. Oh well!

I love my outfit today, the wide-shoulder jacket and the flared skirt insinuating I have a small waist. It is definitely “the very pink of perfection,” so said Oliver Goldsmith.

Day 4

Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Anne Klein sandals – $3.99
Ralph Lauren skirt – $3.99
Tahari jacket – $4.99
Wacoal slip – years ago
Guess necklace & bangles – Burlington clearance

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4 thoughts on “the very pink of perfection

  1. StyleChic, Crystal and boluxe,

    Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate all your comments. I think one way or another we all (style bloggers and thriftanista) inspire each other. 🙂



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