why I love to share my findings

In the Paris Review interview, Marianne Moore talked about her fondness for incorporating the words of others into her poems and prose. She said:

I was just trying to be honorable and not to steal things. I’ve always felt that if a thing has been said in the very best way, how can you say it better? If I wanted to say something and somebody had said it ideally, then I’d take it but give the person credit for it. That’s all there is to that. If you are charmed by an author, I think it’s a very strange and invalid imagination that doesn’t love to share it. Somebody else should read it, don’t you think?

On a personal style front, this is Day 8 of the remix:

Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
BCBG heels – $3.99
Vintage Pendleton altered into pencil skirt – $3.99
Gap shirt – $3.59
Belt – $1.59
Brass bangles – $2.99 each

Linking up to Kileen’s Color Brigade and Thrifters Anonymous.

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