it lights the whole sky

Today is summer solstice, of which this is the day of the year with the longest period of daylight. And it also marks the beginning of summer. Here at my neck of woods, it was hot and humid, temperature was at 100 degrees. In The Gift by Hafiz of Shiraz:

Even after all this time
the sun never says to the Earth
“you owe me”
Look what happens
with a love like that
It lights the whole sky.

Day 9

At the office I put on a thin sweater wrap (not part of the 30 items remix, I consider it as an outerwear)
Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Cole Haan pumps – $3.99
Calvin Klein dress – Ross clearance
H&M thin sweater shawl – $3.59
Belt – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Assorted bangles – Salvation Army $2.00 each

6 thoughts on “it lights the whole sky

  1. And oh! I love the quote.. It is frame worthy!! I’m going to frame it and hang it somewhere in my house so I can see it often.


  2. Ooooh!! love it!

    They keep the AC too high in our office and I have a wear a wool cardigan often. 😦 Not liking it one bit. IT’s supposed to be summer.

    Happy summer solstice!!


  3. It is outerwear – totally agree. I made a mistake including pieces that would keep me warm in the event I frequented the movie theater or a restaurant know for strong AC. I’ve eliminated those items and replaced them, and will beg forgiveness if necessary. You and I need to go shopping together – what fun we would have. Love your look, and the shade of blue is mesmerizing.


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