all things pass away

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? Today, since early morning I am like GRRRR …. trying to hold myself. Let’s just hope this is just my PMS.
A story from Anton Chekhov’s My Life:

His wife writes him a letter asking for a divorce, and tells him she has purchased a ring with an engraving in Hebrew: ‘All things pass away.’ Chekhov muses: “If I wanted to order a ring for myself, the inscription I should choose would be, ‘Nothing passes away.’


On a style diary note:

Day 10 of the remix
Goodwill thrifted ensemble:
Steve Madden wedges – $3.99
H&M pencil skirt – $3.99
Michael Kors top – $3.59
Vintage snakeskin belt – $1.59
Liz Claiborne beads necklace – Salvation Army $2.00

Day 11
Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Tahari heels – $3.99
Vintage BCBG pleated skirt – $3.99
Nicole Miller top – $3.59
Coach skinny belt – $1.59
Assorted turquoise bracelets – $2.99 and self made
Turquoise choker – Kohls clearance


5 thoughts on “all things pass away

  1. Ahhhh!! Cubic zirconias… I totally forgot I have them and yes, that would be perfect to wear with my colorful necklaces.

    Thank you! Mucho gracias! Merci! for the great idea.


  2. kris, before me, cracked me up. I too have a nasty PMS and DMS. My AMS is quite relaxing compared to other two though.

    love that vintage belt with the circle and the turquoise bead necklace. I have a question… what do you wear in the ears, when you are wearing such a beautiful necklace?? I find myself trying a couple of earrings and then giving up and turning to my silver hoops only because the colors in the earrings don’t clash with the necklace.


    1. I usually wear my cubic zirconia studs. I just do not want any earrings competing with the necklace. Silver hoops is great as well, one of the 100 must haves pieces according to Nina Garcia book.
      Thanks for reading Kay. 🙂


  3. You could easily open your own secondhand boutique with all the amazing labels you find. Looking beautiful as always, and a Coach belt for sub $2 — crazy good. PMS sucks. I’m going into “that stage” where my hormones are waging war against me all the time. I not only have PMS, I have “DMS” (during), and “AMS” (after) — I’m totally screwed. ; )


    1. You’re funny, Kris 😀
      I thought of that secondhand boutique, but I am just such a chicken to take up any entrepreneur move. For now I am thinking and doing research on that. Most of the time it is always fear of the unknown, but once you calculate all the factors, I supposed everything comes easily.


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