beauty is only skin deep

This week the fabulous ladies at Academichic is hosting a Dress Your Best Week. It is about celebrating and embracing your favorite body parts. For the next three days, my post will be focusing and highlighting my favorite three body parts–my skin, my hair and my calves.

When I was small, my mom said I was her most difficult child because I cried a lot and I had rashes, blisters and boils all over my body. She tried all kinds or creams, baby powder, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and even sulphur powder with honey. She fed me with soy milk til I was a teenager. These days at the age of 38, I am blessed with salubrious skin. Free of freckles or melanin spot, I dont even remember when was the last time I had acne. And a boil scar under my chin (pictured below) perhaps is my ‘beautiful ugly‘, the modeling term which means an odd feature, something by which you can’t help be entranced.

Author Jean Kerr muses, “I’m tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That’s deep enough. What do you want—an adorable pancreas?”

Day 16/30
Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Ralph Lauren slingbacks – $3.99
Vintage Pendleton altered into pencil skirt – $3.99
Diane von Furstenberg top – $3.59
Vintage belt – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Guess watch – yard sale $1.00
Liz Claiborne necklace – $2.99



Linking up to Thrifters Anonymous and Academichic for Dress Your Best Week.

3 thoughts on “beauty is only skin deep

  1. Thanks for the link. I’ll be putting a page of fashion challenges together next week. As always you look gorgeous, and your skin is flawless. ; )


  2. An adorable pancreas!!! LOL!!Love that one.

    I love that top with the red skirt. And yes, you have glorious skin!


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