my long black hair

Today I am celebrating my hair as my second installation for Dress Your Best Week. I donned a red headscarf which I folded into simple headband and let my hair down. It is really high time that I get a haircut, but my boyfriend adores my long black hair. I remember a poem pertinent to this post. My Google-Fu has failed me that I couldnt’t find the author or the source.

~ physical realm ~

It’s not my lipstick I wanted you to notice.
You asked, “Estee Lauder’s lipgloss?”
No! You’re supposed to see that I’m artistic,
a natural unknown and a poet.
See how I walk and with statements of universal glow.
You’re supposed to see unity of all we are
but instead you said, “Hmm… that’s neat”
With my dress you said, “It’s such an appeal.”
You’re supposed to see representation of independence
as well as real sensitive girlish innocence and open-mindedness.
But you did not see. You said, “looks different.”
With my long black hair you said, “Gee, how long did it take you to grow?”
You’re supposed to see my strong existence of
past mistakes I made and learned as I hold them
close for reference to see that it’s always behind myself.
As you wishingly lingered into my eyes and said, “Dark brown.”
You didn’t feel my soul of tenderness compassionately open to faith, hope and love,
as well as the beginningness of the realization of immorality.
You did not feel, but sighed and said, “You’re beautiful.”
I giggled and looked down. I felt your words of physical cause.

Day 17/30
Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
BCBG heels – $3.99
JCrew dress – $6.99
Skinny belt – $1.59
Headscarf folded into headband – Salvation Army $0.75
Bangle – Plato’s Closet $4.00



Linking up to Academichic for Dress Your Best Week.

2 thoughts on “my long black hair

  1. I would have never thought to combine pink with red, but with the help of a few style bloggers like “what I wore” and you, I think I’m now open to that possibility of combining it in my own wardrobe.

    The headscarf is adorable. I have a couple of scarves that I’m too chicken to try to wear as scarves for chic factor yet. Didn’t mind woolen scarves in winter but somehow I’m not yet ready to wear these stylish ones as a part of my outfit. I think I’ll take your headscarf idea, and adapt it to me as a tie over my pony tail and let them in the front. Baby steps.. I guess.


    1. I learned the combo from What I Wore, she is very inspiring and her style is down to earth, I like her.

      Kay, thank you so much.


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