dressing my best toned calves

Not muscular but toned, my calves are my most favorite body parts. I guess I owe that to a lot of walking. I used to participate at least two 5Ks in a year and the October DC Army Ten Miler. And this year, I am bad–I’ve lead quite a sedentary life style. I couldn’t think of a good reason why I am not motivated to run anymore. Perhaps running three times a week should be my mid-year resolution. Is there any such thing as mid-year resolutions?

Day 17/30
Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Tahari heels – $3.99
Vintage BCBG skirt – $3.99
Gap shirt – $3.59
Banana Republic belt – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Guess watch – Salvation Army $2.00
Assorted bracelet and vintage sunflower necklace – $2.99 each


Linking up to Academichic for Dress Your Best Week.

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