my praises of all things bright & beautiful

In A Stroke of Genius, Paul West describes everything that is worthy of attention:

Back in the world of air conditioners, postage scales, shortwave radios, typewriters, and Touch-Tone phones, I gave thanks to nature for red things, elastic things, things that sparked and funneled; for juices, slops, pastes. I learned the discipline of pill taking and, one morning, after too much Inderal prescribed, fell over sideways, lucky not to crack my head. In warm pool water I felt overcome. If I craned my head backward, I almost fainted. I had a permanently dry mouth, numb fingers, cold toes, and a slight distortion in my speech, a Lilliputian twitch in my lower right lip. These were my secrets, between me and the Furies. I murmured my praises of all things bright and beautiful, certain that a tiny slur in enunciation from someone less than human would only earn me tolerance in the swarming yard of summer. The mood was pure Delius.

Everytime I go to my Goodwill Outlet, I would go straight to the purses and accessories bin. I love dipping and diving to the bottom. I havent found any green cash stashed in a hidden compartment of handbags yet, but I do came across some coins and some fine jewelries. My best find is the cubic zirconia sterling silver. The stone is huge, probably 4 carats and I only noticed the 925 and CZ inscription when I get home. Thank you Thrift God! Next time some green cash please, not much …a $20 dollar bill would be awesome. 😉

Day 21/30

Thrifted outfit details:
Tahari heels – $3.99
Old Navy dress – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Suede belt – $1.59
H&M pleather clutch – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Earrings, bracelet & sterling silver CZ ring – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb


Linking up to Thrifters Anonymous Party.

2 thoughts on “my praises of all things bright & beautiful

  1. Saw you on the ColorBlind linky! Love the outfit! I am also the girl that does to accessories when I thrift. I just found a purse from 1929 with love letters in it! So cool!

    Get Up & Go


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