subtle pleasure

From Eric Hoffer’s Working and Thinking on the Waterfront:

I derive a subtle pleasure from the conviction that the world does not owe me anything. I need little to be contented: two good meals, tobacco, books that hold my interest, and a little writing every day. This to me is a full life.

Instead of tackling the crowd, the heavy traffic, the humidity and the early evening storm, today I stayed home in the comfort of A/C, home cooked meal, two amusingly kitties, playing dress-up in my closet, watching previous season Project Runaway and dipping into a stack of library borrowed books. My boyfriend and I did go out for a short evening ride in his convertible. Oh just to get some fresh air after the rain. As Eric Hoffer said, I need little to be contented.

Introducing the new additions to my household, Suri (in front, with pink and brown nose) and Aslan The Kuching (the gray striped at the back)

Play-fighting moment

Watching the squirrel-bunnies-robins reality tv

Day 22/30
Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Steve Madden wedges – $3.99
Ann Taylor skirt – $3.99
H&M chambray shirt – $3.59
Necklace – $2.99

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