achievement & happiness is possible

She took off her nightgown, stepped to the window, sighed deeply and said: “Your main problem is that you have not learned to understand the nature of your own power and, therefore, of your own possibilities. Your mind is and can be efficacious, that you are competent to understand, that achievement is possible, and that happiness is possible. Life is not about dread and defeat and anguish but about achievement and exaltation.” He lit a cigarette and admired her naked body which was illuminated by silver moonlight.

The above is a passage from Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Last May I was overlooked for a promotion. Well, on Monday I am up for an interview for another position that I’ve been eyeing for months. I am excited!

Day 25/30july7th
Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Cole Haan heels – $3.99
H&M skirt – $3.99
Diane von Furstenberg – $3.59
Christian Dior belt – years ago
Sterling silver cat necklace – Kohls
Bangle – Salvation Army $2.00

Day 24/30
Thrifted outfit details:
Colin Stuart/Victoria Secret heels – $3.99
Vintage Pendleton skirt – $3.99
H&M top – $3.59
Talbots belt – free with purchase
Silver bangle – Kohls clearance

Linking up to Kileen’s Color Brigade.

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