so I sit in the saffron air, climbing the heights

A passage from Charles Burchfield’s Seasons by Guy Davenport:

Afternoon calm and peaceful. A few wisps of clouds appear. Sunset the `yellow light’ kind. What a miracle that yellow light is coming as it does well after the sun has dropped below the rim of the world. All things become saturated with yellow light, even our thoughts. And so I sit in the saffron air, climbing the heights. At times I read slowly from Thoreau’s Walden. I bless the chance that sent the book into my hands. It had always been my intention to read it, but like most good resolutions, it was put off. From reading it, the doubts that have assailed me –i.e. whether a spiritual life was to be preferred to a sensual existence, and whether to work for money, or for the love of my work– were banished. Thus as I sat and dreamed into the future, my mind was dissolved into the yellow and carried by it to undreamed of heights. Life seemed full of good things.

Yes, life do seemed full of good things. My boyfriend and I spent our late Saturday afternoon at the park. We laid a blanket, had some wine, cheese, crackers, a Harper’s Bazaar magazine and a kindle. I even fell asleep! 🙂

Day 27/30
Thrifted outfit details:
Anne Klein sandals – $3.99
Ralph Lauren skirt – $3.99
Nanette Lepore top – $3.59
Elena Solano handbag – Marshalls clearance
Glass beads pendant and sterling silver bangle – $2.99

glass bead pendants

Day 26/30 – Friday, it was kind of muggy, I had to rolled up my sleeves.
Thrifted outfit details:
Cole Haan pumps – $3.99
Burberry denim skirt – $3.99
Kenneth Cole top – $3.59
Banana Republic belt – $1.59
Amethyst cocktail ring – $2.99
Assorted amethyst bead bracelets

Linking up to Thrifters Anonymous Party and Everybody Everywear.

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5 thoughts on “so I sit in the saffron air, climbing the heights

  1. I love your Burberry skirt! The cut is very flattering. Wine and cheese sounds yummy, and relaxing in a park setting, even better. The hubs and I haven’t enjoyed a moment like that in quite a while.


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