the fine Ungaro jacket

For a job interview today, I was sporting my ‘no-fail’ Ungaro jacket. This jacket is part of a two piece suit that I bought right out of college for my first job interview many many years ago. Back then it was an interview for a boiler engineer at a power plant, and I got that job. Along the years I purchased other suits because occasionally I had to attend seminars or deliver a presentations during Director’s meeting. And for some reason this Ungaro jacket was always been overlooked …I guess just as much as I was overlooked for a promotions or job interviews. I am reminded of Irving Howe, he once said, “But in our mania for the grand, we brush past the fine.”

I am no longer a fresh grad, you know, suits and white button-down. I wanted to exhibit my confidence, a skilled engineer yet feminine, conservative yet creative by wearing a coral ruffles-hemmed dress with black heels and my black Kate Spade handbag (not shown). I donned my hair in a ponytail and minimum jewelry.

The interview went pretty well …I hope I get the job.

Day 29/30
Outfit details:
Cole Haan heels – $3.99
JCrew dress – $6.99
Emanuel Ungaro jacket – years ago
Sterling silver turquoise pendant – ebay

4 thoughts on “the fine Ungaro jacket

  1. Good luck. And girl do I have a story for you about the unexpected and career. Lesson learned by me recently (actually yesterday), someone is noticing your great work. Keep that in mind — always.


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