styling verboten pieces

Originality consists in trying to be like everybody else and failing.
~ Raymond Radiguet

As I mentioned yesterday, I am investing (…well, not that much since my closet is 90% thrifted) in timeless classic prints pieces. What could be more classic than a striped top, which was introduced by Coco Chanel. I eschew wearing horizontal striped, I think it makes my upper body thicker. But I envy when I see other bloggers sporting this classic prints.

Another verboten trend for me is maxi skirt. There are many hideous adjective I could use, but let’s just say I dont look good in maxi. A few months ago I found this St John evening collection maxi skirt at Salvation Army, I am swooned by the luxury of chiffon.

It was a beautiful breezy summer afternoon yesterday, I decided to don those two my What Not To Wear pieces. I dont look too bad, do I?

july 15
Thrifted outfit details:
Via Spiga slingbacks – Goodwill
St John Marie Gray maxi skirt – Salvation Army
Ann Loft top – Goodwill
Patent leather belt – Goodwill Outlet
Assorted bakelite bangles

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