she creeps, nosing round, compelled to hoard

I listed about fifteen dresses over at Ebay and have sold eight of them and the other seven, auctions ends tomorrow. So much for purging my closet, I hauled eight dresses from Goodwill over the past few days. How did I manage to get eight dresses? One, the Calvin Klein dress has a broken zipper, one the Just Taylor dress is two sizes larger, and one is a black Tommy Hilfiger maxi dress that nobody wants because when I came back the following day, the dress was still there. So you see, I am ‘saving’ those dresses. As I pat myself on the back, my boyfriend reckons I am like a squirrel, hoarding.

I am reminded of Timothy Steele’s poem, The Library:

Winding, as though along a corkscrew’s thread,
A squirrel has circled down a sycamore.
The frail must, in fair times, collect and store,
And so, amid swirled papery debris,
The squirrel creeps, nosing round, compelled to hoard
By instinct, habit, and necessity.

Worn yesterday.
Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Calvin Klein sandals – $3.19
Ann Loft skirt – $3.99
Forever 21 blouse – $3.59
Rachel Zoe suede leather handbag – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Prada sunglasses – $1.99
Assorted bracelets – Plato’s Closet

prada sunglasses

Linking up to Shana’s Thrifters Anonymous Party.

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