simply irresistible thrifted dress

I mentioned a few days ago I recently scored a few dresses from Goodwill. Today I was debuting this new-to-me dress. When I saw this dress at the Goodwill, immediately the Christian Dior Spring 2011 RTW piece came to my mind. I didnt even look at the size, hurriedly dumped it to my basket. In the fitting room aahah ..the tags says Marni Made in Italy and it fits me perfectly. I did a victory dance in the fitting room. I imagined I was a Robert Palmer’s Simply Irresistible backup girls with long elegant legs. Dont ask me how I know that song, I think I read it in Nina Garcia or maybe Tim Gunn’s book about a fashion related must see videos of the 80s. Anyway, my day was great, I received lots of compliments from early morning at the gas station til I got home picking up mails at the mailbox. I guessed the dress made me simply irresistible.

The trend is irreversible, the woman is invincible ~ Robert Palmer

Christian Dior Spring 2011 collection

My newly thrifted dress.
Goodwill(GW) thrifted outfit details:
Guess heels – $3.99
Marni dress – $6.99
Skinny leather belt – GW Outlet $1.39/lb
Assorted bracelets


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6 thoughts on “simply irresistible thrifted dress

  1. Love this new-to-you dress. The color and pattern are so fun and vibrant. And I love that it looks like nothing in the stores right now, making you utterly original and cute like this. – Katy


  2. Wow, I love everything about this! I especially like that you were not afraid to get too matchy with the shoes—the result is perfect.


  3. Lovely find, and very unique. I’m a total pushover for anything “made in Italy” which the phrase alone amps up the level of class. I know the song well — I’m an oldie.


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