what’s in your bag?


FBFF‘s topic this week is What’s In Your Bag and this is my first time participating. I love this topic, oh yes I am that nosy. Just as much as I enjoy people watching, I am also curious of what people lug around everyday. Of course you do not snoop at other people’s bag, but hey that flickr group do feed my curiosity. Sometimes questions are more important than answers, so said Nancy Willard.

On weekdays these are usually the contents of my bag:
1. Prada sunglasses
2. Coach wallet, it is pretty beat up, gifted from ages ago, it is hard for me to let it go.
3. Coach pouchette for my Canon Powershot
4. iPod
5. Cellphone, I am long overdue for a new phone upgrade.
6. Water bottle
7. Snack/sandwich tupperware, this is critical especially during ‘thrifting half-marathon’. Ha..ha..ha
8. A book, I love easy reading anthologies and short stories.
9. Car & house keys
10. H&M cosmetic bag (hairbrush, eye drops, hand lotions, hand sanitizer, urban aid on the go kit, eye pencil, eye shadow, mascara, face powder, lipstick & lipgloss)


Remember the job interview I had about a week ago, I got the job. Today I was at the new office. All in all despite the heatwave I had a great week.

Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Zara heels – Goodwill Outlet $2.50
Talbots dress – $6.99
Old Navy skinny suede belt – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Kate Spade leather bag – gifted
Assorted bakelite bangles – $2.99 each

Hop over to Pretty Nest to view other fabulous bloggers bags. I know you’re that nosy too.

3 thoughts on “what’s in your bag?

  1. Yessssss!!! Congratulations on the new job!!! 🙂

    Love that outfit and the contents of your bag. If I were to play along, it would take a week for me to clean up my bag first. But it was very nice to look at the contents of your bag. Who knew I was nosy too! lol..

    I picked up a pair of coach sunglass at goodwill today. No idea if its a fake, but looks good though.


  2. Love that dress on you, congrats on the new job !

    Love your bag. Last month when I changed my cell phone, the men at the store looked at my old one and couldn’t believe how old it was ! Thanks for playing along ! And I guess we all are a little nosy haha !


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